Friday, June 30, 2023

For Immediate Release - Levi Hustle & The Denim Persuasion to Release New EP This Summer

On July 21st, “Shocking New Information,” the new EP from Levi Hustle & The Denim Persuasion will be released via CDBaby / Good Times Recordings. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Tony Maietta (The Black Oil Brothers / Furbaby and the Tight Spaces), Levi Hustle began as an outlet for his “solo song ideas” during spare time, while hanging around his home studio just outside of Chicago. “Levi can be anyone or anything we want it to be. It just happens that on this batch of songs, it’s me singing and playing most of the instruments, and Mighty Joe playing some drums,” said Maietta. An avid enthusiast of guitar, bass, drums, keys, and anything musical, Tony enlisted the help of longtime friend Joe Winters of The Steepwater Band to play some drums on this release. “I was at Tony’s place often, because I filled in for a minute with his band The Black Oil Brothers, which led to us playing in The Fur together, so I just inadvertently ended up playing on some of his studio recordings as well. I really dig the music he is making, and it’s just another cool creative outlet to be a part of,” said Winters. In September of 2022, the pair toured in Spain as a rhythm section for Furbaby and the Tight Spaces, and continued to tighten their musical bond. So much so, that the idea of Levi Hustle live shows has come to light in support of the EP, for possibly later this year. For now, the EP is set for a streaming only release on all major platforms. 

Levi Hustle and the Denim Persuasion
“Shocking New Information”
Track Listing -
  1. 21st Century Coffee
  2. When I See You
  3. A Great Time (Without You)
  4. Nothing Left
  5. John Action’s Drumthoughts
  6. Nonstop Feeling
  7. Automatic Reply (Out Of Office)

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